Zee Becomes One Year Older Today And Share In My Day #smiling

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Good Morning everyone,,

Campus punch and Others.

Today marks it some years now a Face of Campus contestants was given birth to.

Zee is that contestant.

Today I celebrate myself and I hope campus punch celebrates me too.

Before taking off I would want to thank you for the Jasmine Rice I was given as a reward for the highest bidder.

I'm so lucky to be a part of Campus Punch most wonderful Contestants.

My shout goes to my irreplaceable and loving friends in the hood,,, Oyinda, Nuella, BBJ, Mr Vintage, Hanny, Cynthia, Prettybellank, estyluv, goodness, Mill Merchant, Herny (my Iya Ile who has claimed to be pregnant for my Mist), Mist (my handsome luv in the hood) and so many more.

Our Caring Admin who up till now I really don't know if he's a Man or a Woman funny but weird,,, right??

Thank you so much for your wishes,,, I hope to share in your day too someday.

Birthday Girl,,,Zee!!

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