Why I Deserve To Become The New Face Of Campus - By Obiasomba Cynthia

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My name is Obiasomba Cynthia, one of the contestants for the 'Face Of Campus Season III' being organized by www.campuspunch.com a renowned social site that deals on Campus and social matters.
I do believe that I deserve to be the New Face of Campus having worked very hard through all the previous stages I've passed in this contest, with all other contestants struggling together to push through to the next stage. abiding also to the stipulated rules and regulations guiding each stage, and making it through by God's grace to this final stage of the contest. It was all a team work. There is a humble saying by James Allen ''He who would accomplish little must sacrifice little; he who would achieve much must sacrifice much; he who would attain highly must sacrifice greatly.'' I believe I and my fans have sacrificed greatly for this contest to get to this stage, likewise I do believe that I deserve to attain highly, which in this context is that I deserve to be the New Face of Campus.

I deserve to be the Face of Campus Season III not Just because am pretty but what matters most I have a clean personality. I'm genuine, I'm talented and I have knowledge.

I also deserve to be the New Face of Campus (most photogenic) based on the testimony of people and the judges from the previous stages, I am not bad looking, I believe I would be a good and suitable ambassador of the Campuspunch Face Of Campus Season III.
I believe in believing, I believe in my fans and I believe in making a difference.

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