Why I Can't Play For Oau Soccer Team

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When I was in secondary school, football chances were few and far between. I thought university would be an even more difficult place to get recognized for my footballing abilities, guess what? I had no idea what I was talking about.
I mean, it's IMPOSSIBLE to get to play in Obafemi Owolowo University Soccer team! When I see the guys who are in the school team, I feel like they must be walking on air. Lucky aliens.

But really, I don't think I actually have the time and space to go to the numerous training sessions, nor the money to pay for bibs and boots and pads and all whatever else. But I still have big football dreams that all perish with sleeping on it. Lol. I see myself sidestepping three opposing defenders, sweeping a glorious gliding pass to the right winger, before meeting the curling cross with a Rooney-esque overhead volley, and thus pitching the ball in the hollowest corner of the top left corner of opposition goal, to score the a 93rd-minute winning goal for my school in a glorious final.

Then I wake up and realize that dream in a certain Android football game called Dreamleague16, a distant land from reality.
Do you think you can fare better?

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