Why Do Men Like To Give Campus Girls A Ride?

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Why Do Men Like To Give Campus Girls A ride?

Early this Tuesday morning as I was on my way to school, late and running to catch a cab, which sadly has become a constant routine such that my hostel mates have tagged me with it.

There as they yelled, "Latey," "Latey", I scurried off out of my room to the road laughing sheepishly.

Wait o, my lateness was not always me, it was due to the heavy traffic that has enveloped Unilorin area and the constant crowd of students also seeking to reach school early as I was or else I am a punctual girl. **GRINS**

Well traffic has become the a big problem for most Unilorin students which still prevails. Buh today seems to be one of that fine-girl-gets-a-lift day. Wow, I couldn’t believe my eyes when a man pulled off this fine looking light black Jeep right in my front. Oh no I was crazy inside: I just got a free ride!

I approached the car like one call girl being picked up by one of his customers. Lol!

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they are looking for their missing rib y some are looking for whom to use
Feb 22, 2018   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Lolz..dats majorly in nigeria
Oct 7, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

D blame is nt always on d men ooo,course even d female student like to show off sometimes
Sep 27, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

That one no fit happen for naija...naija no get free ride oh!
Sep 14, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Men ehn???they would never offer their male counterpart a free ride
Sep 14, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Girls and lift
Aug 31, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Lmao. Niqer area
Aug 21, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Lol...that's men for you
Sep 6, 2016   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply