Why Do Campus Ladies Love Male Stylists?

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It is no longer news that the fashion world has so evolved that not just only the women are actively involved in it. Men these days compete in every aspect of fashion and style and they (men) are even taking the edge over their female counterparts.

Taking a walk into my institution, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State Polytechnic and I believe, so
many other institutions, you will find out that men have developed a taproot when beauty, fashion and style are involved.

Just behind the old female hostel of MOUAU as well as opposite Gate 6 and so many other spots around the university, men have been seen running shops where ladies come in their numbers to either make their hair or run their pedicure and manicure treatment by men. The ladies, when they are being treated to their session, look more relaxed and seem to be enjoying the treat more than they would if it were a female fixing them up. Really, the males are taking this business away from the ladies because of the huge patronage they enjoy.

Curiosity they say killed the cat..., so in a bid to answer some questions, I went to ask some. Some ladies l met in such shops told me that they loved the male hand running on them that it gives them a sensual feeling. While others said it makes them feel good having to know that a man can do better what is meant for a woman originally.

Tessy, who is a third year student of the institution who was seen in Sleek Unisex salon said, "The guys here are just so good, they can make you fall asleep when they treat your hair. I love coming here." Priscabel also said "Its nice seeing guys work on me and Polish my nails, they are so good and creative with that."

The exams are almost over for some and they are in a rush to get themselves done with all the special treat so that they will look great as they journey back home for the vacation.

Ladies, how will you like a man to be your fashion person both with your hair, toe nails and finger nails, any special feeling?

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