Who Is Ikire Campus Fashion Police?

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Who Is Ikire Campus Fashion Police?

   Osun State University, Uniosun boast of a Uniosun Ikire Campus Police. Yea, that sounds lovely as the name as also appears. Maybe you would like to get to know the Uniosun Ikire Campus Police. seat back as I put a little skin on them 

"Fashion police" is an American television series that analyses and comments on celebrity fashions. The show's main objective is to critically observe and if necessary criticize celebrities' fashions. However, the influence of the TV program has left the shores of North America, traveled through the atlantic ocean, arrived in west Africa, landed in Nigeria and successfully arrived in UNIOSUN, Ikire campus.
A particular student who has remained anonymous has taken it over himself (or herself) to be the judge or observer or anchor of the "Ikire version of fashion police". He has an Instagram page which he uses as his official handle to post these photos and other informations. So far, these people behind the "Ikire fashion police" has been able to gather many photos of students, mostly taken without prior notice. The photographs posted by the operator included poor color combinations (color riot), oversize shoes (shoes that were probably borrowed! Lol) etc.
So far, female students on campus have been very wary of how they dress on campus, because they never can tell if Mr. Fashion Police is watching.

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