When A Lady's Love For Heels Goes Wrong

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Today is so bright so l decided to get to town and see what's happening there and maybe pick some few things. I had made the trip successfully back to my campus, MOUAU, and as l was about climbing the university's walkway, l met a friend and we stood just before the walkway to exchange pleasantries.

Suddenly, this pretty lady approached the gate from the walkway with her phone to her ear, answering a call l suppose and the heels on her legs would be more than 8 inches. As she approached where we were standing and wanted to climb down from the walkway, she miscalculated her steps, hit her heel on the edge of the walkway block and threw herself to the ground like a bag of garri.

My friend couldn't hold his laughter and as l looked at the lady to try help her, l saw shame written all over her eyes and worse off, she was wearing a skimpy gown. My friend had to help her look for her phone which had its parts spilled all over the floor while l tried to pack her up as gently but manly as l could. Other students who were present and witnessed the incident couldn't hide their excitement while some others enjoyed the view. While she was up, she couldn't walk freely maybe because she twisted her leg or because of shyness from the fall and she had to call a tricycle to come and pick her from there.

Some ladies know that they are not comfortable in heels yet they would want to try so they can be seen as fashionable as their peers and when this sort of experience comes their way, they will feel otherwise.

My advice in its little piece, being comfortable is fashionable.

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