What You Need To Know Before Wearing Heel Shoes

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Whether you are on campus lady or not a lot of us ladies love high heels so much (myself included).
But how high should those heels be before we start running to the
hospital, this time, with no shoes on.
From what I know, these shoes weren't designed specifically to be used
as a fashion item. They were created for male horse riders as a way to
stop their feet from slipping from stirrups. Women saw this as a
fashion trend and the rest is history.
First, let's clarify the importance and beauty of wearing heel
, just so you know I'm not a shoe loather.
1. The confident look
Heels make a woman taller by 3-6 inches (depending on the shoe
height). It gives women a feeling of confidence, and some men like
their woman tall.
2. It's used as a fashion accessory to complement clothes. Just
imagine a world without high heels. Apart from complimenting clothes,
it also compliment body type and legs.
3. In a way, wearing heels aids good posture.
Now to the disadvantages. As much as we love heels, and have loads of
them in our closet, we should also be mindful of the damages heel shoes
, both to your body and your budget.
1. Severe joint pain.
Heels definitely has no shock absorber unlike our sneakers and
flip-flops. Therefore, they exert a lot of strain on the toes and
ankles. That is why the ankle feels sore and stiff usually after
wearing these shoes for a long time.
People who wear heels a lot have higher chances of having arthritis.
2. Lower back pain.
Wearing heels also puts a lot of strain on the pelvis while standing
or walking, and therefore causes lower back pain, since the back is
used to support the weight.
3. Callouses and Blisters.
When you put your feet in too-tight shoes or pointy-toe shoes,
callouses and blisters may occur and trust me, these can be extremely
4. Walking Difficulty.
Because of the way heels are made, it's very likely a woman goes off
balance. Some women also have walking difficulties while wearing
heels, which may also make a woman go off balance, slip or fall.

Bottom Line:
As much as we love wearing heels, let's give our feet a break by
opting for more comfortable shoes once in a while. There are various
comfortable heel shoes substitute
e.g sneakers, flip-flops or fancy flats
Or opt for platformed heels, or wedges. They provide more cushion for
the feet and body weight.
Wear heels for short hours and stretch your legs intermittently, else
they would leave health issues that may be hard to heel.
Trust me, the "heeling process" is a long one.

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