What Night Classes Is Meant To Be But It's Not

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When you go to night classes, what's on your mind? To gain more knowledge, get an edge, revise and store permanently in the memory, prepare for impromptu tests, prepare for exams you should have been preparing for all along but you skipped and now you gotta pay like a monk in demonstrative penitence or something? Me,

I just wanna sleep, that's all that's on my mind, any other theories and definitions trying to crash a way in are secondary concerns and be content with that, or die.

What really keeps people going, apart from the twisted feeling we have that when we're harming our bodies we are doing something right, and the lure of the sedating feeling of being hardworking, is that we actually get to store something temporarily in our throbbing brains. That's that. This is what else happens...

So you drag yourself to the lecture room, and then it's a question of finding the right seat.

All the seats in the front are occupied by earlybirds, and all the seats in the back are peopled by Zombies. In the middle its all scanty, probably because nobody wants to be in the centre of the carnage, and people there are probably not intelligent. The brilliant hide in corners, right?
So here you are, successfully seated in a seat you can live with, without fearing someone may puke on you suddenly, or oh! Snore like an asphyxiated elephant! That happens too. I once had a guy snoring close to me so loudly at some point everyone in the room looked in his direction wondering when a tractor bungled its way in. Once, once-beautiful lady, only feet-deep in sleep, was so startled by the guttural rumble that she got up and nearby jumped down 4 stories fearing she could be crushed by the bulldozer, before realising what it was.

And then, there are these DLCF guys who are out to save lost souls, who are obviously plenty here. There's a guy and his girlfriend a row in front of you, cuddling and laughing and loving up and annoyingly WATCHING A MOVIE ON A LAPTOP! Wonder if they thought this was a cinema, they'd be right in some ways. There's a dude with his ears plugged with ear buds stocked into his phone, head bent over like a withering banana leaf. He's using the in-house Wi-Fi to download movies from Porn Hub website  featuring Mia Khalifah, whose moans and screams are spilling over from his ear buds into your only recently sanctified ears.People need to be preached to. Turn away from your sins or at least turn them away to your rooms so they don't tempt others into 'temptations' .

So the DLCF guys arrive just in time to save you from one woe and condemn you to another. While you are trying to stick this Atheist Professor's lines into a part of your brain you don't know, here comes your brothers in Christ to compound it all. One of them greets everyone loudly... You can't wait for him to end and take his smiling face away. And you're thinking, why is he smiling so much? Is it because of the pretty damsels in the front row, or for the joy of his salvation?

He keeps talking....

Once a sod had been so befuddled with what he was hearing and what he was reading that he slept off, and later in the middle of the night he suddenly woke up shouting 'Jesus save my evolution theory!".

The guy next to you is bored and lost in a FIFA14 soccer match. There's a guy making a call and driving everyone crazy. There's a beautiful coursemate you have a crush on who just rolled her hips in looking all pretty and sitting next to the guy in front of you. There's a guy who enjoys talking to you, you don't, and he comes over to chatter with you like an hyena. And there's you doing nothing you came to do.

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