What Does Your Appearance Say About You As A Growing Youth?

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Have you ever imagined what that dress you are putting on says about you???
Does it say something positive or negative about your personality???
Think about it. People can be so judgmental with ones appearance. Yeah you got it!

Why does unilorin have dress code??? Could it be because they wanna stand out among others? Does looking cooperate each time portray good examples??
Now think about it...
What impact has your dressing make on your lifestyle?? How many others have you has their role model when it come to what outfit look decent on you? Or probably you think you are kinda small for that. NO! Let people see you and make sense in you or rather your dressing.
Don't give them out there the wrong impression through the way you dress. Avoid skimpy dresses and overexposed ones. Its of no good. You could wear those miniskirts and bumshorts in your room when you are with him.
" did I hear you say who?"
Yeah him. That guy nah.... You grab? #smiles#
Let him be the only one to see those trilling thighs of yours. But when going out, lay good examples to give a positive thought of you.

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