What Do You Think About Students Cohabitation?

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What Do You Think About Students Cohabitation?

Experience is the best teacher, grab a seat and learn from this gist.
What do you think about cohabition on campus? Will I say it an habit, love, lust or freedom.

What ever the case may be, some student this days are not even shy to admit their lovers or spouses are living with them. Is it that there is no money to rent an apartment of your own or what? Ayam not understanding.

Just imagine!!!! you pay a friend a visit and getting there you saw a guy on towel to your surprise you ask your friend who was that and all she could utter was that my boyfriend, we staying together. you asked for real and she said yes. so I wonder what you think maybe your boyfriend is staying with you, will you call it lover, sexmate or what?

Try to remember you guys are not married yet.you could hardly see a hostel without students staying together and acting like couples. Can this students staying as couples do without sex come to think of it God forbid sex without marriage.

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