What 100 Level In Oau Really Looks Like

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What 100 Level In OAU Really Looks Like

I want to share a few thoughts with you about what it means to be in your first level in OAU year one. By the matter of fact, in OAU the official designation for level of studentship is "PART", as against "LEVEL", so 100L in OAU is "PART 1"....

Euphoria. Pure seventh heaven. You can see the brightness in their eyes, and in the newness of every single piece of clothing on them. Like a virgin with restless eyes and an Olympic medal-winning heartbeat speed. They try so hard to hide it, but they can't. Who can deny the shear delight of being accepted into one of the Country's most foremost Federal universities? I couldn't sleep at night for a number of my first few days on OAU campus.
But you know, soon the virgin euphoria gets punctured little by little, but not entirely till like 200L (Part 2). So enjoy it while it lasts, Master or Miss Fresher! Firstly, you know, every high adrenaline surge over something new eventually subsides with time. Second, the not so pretty sides show up.
Soon enough, a fresher starts to wonder where all the world class facilities are. Why is living in hostels so difficult, when the school officially praises them to the heavens for their unearthly comfort? Then comes the strikes.... The less I talk about those, the better I feel. Harsh realities crash golden dreams.
Your first classes bring you face to face with the legendary evil Professors and other Lecturers, and you find out that there isn't much to fear about them. Mostly, they don't lean over to bite people, and they're not always looking for the one student who is not listening to heckle him and collect his/her Registration number... Mostly they don't, in first classes.
Soon you'll realize that what OAU Lecturers are hated, feared, despised for, mostly, is the way they treat students with respect to actual academic success. Everyone tells you so, and soon your test scripts suggest the same. After endless studying and following the extreme studying culture of Obafemi Awolowo University, you find yourself reaping a scanty harvest. Soon you inevitably buy into this rhetoric about OAU's Lecturers being Sadists, looking for nothing but the downfall of Students.
Lectures. Running from 1000 SLT to PGCLT (which is like the distance between heaven and earth), AUD II to Amphitheater, Firstbank to Chem.Eng LT, just to get into the next lecture, and with those hectic lectures... You nearly break down in the very first semester.
And 'ARO'... I dare not forget that. What is OAU without Awo Hall, and what is Awo hall without Aro, the culture of making fun of people? Aro is peculiar to OAU. It's difficulty to describe stems from this peculiarity; you can't understand it if you don't experience it. You can use it outside of OAU, and very few would make sense of it. On OAU campus, it's cracks every rib with laughter, and it's everywhere! Such mystery, such Mystique, such madness. The Initiates understand.
Once, a friend (who was a freshman) asked a stalite where a particular location was. The stalite, who was probably a resident of Awo hall (the seat of Aro), proceeded to make subtle jokes at my friend's being a fresher, giving him directions to hell instead. Ironically, they were standing right in front of my friend's destination. Aro.
And if you're a lady, please, do not Pass through Awolowo hall, at any time of the day. It is not a crime, you'll survive, but the jesting and taunts and insults and bawdy jokes that will be hurled towards you will leave a lasting mark on your state of mind. ARO.

There is nothing in OAU that Words can express.


I'm going to end it here for today on "What 100 Level In OAU Really Looks Like".

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No guts, no glory
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every new house has its own charm
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It happens to be the case in all public university.
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New phase new obstacles.....
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anyway let me preserve my words on this
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hmmmm,it follow kwa
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