Wandering Jss 2 Student Abandoned By Parents Detained In Benin

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Wandering JSS 2
Student Abandoned By Parents Detained In Benin

A JSS 2 student of Anglican grammar school in Ondo state was
detained by police officer after being abandoned by his father in a motor park
called faith motor park in Benin City, Edo state. The young boy
who was identified as Okoro Chigozie was found wandering through the streets
of Benin City when a good Samaritan approached him and took him to Okhuare
Police Divisional Headquarters. It was
reported that instead of the young boy to be handed over to the authorities in
charge of  welfare of children for Protective custody, the boy was locked
up in the state CID cell for a week.

to Kola Edokpayi, a Human Right Activist, the issue was brought to the
attention of the Commissioner of Women Affairs and Social Development and the
Commissioner of Police who later intervened in the situation.

The boy
has been handed over to the Child Protection Officer of Ministry of Women
Affairs and Social Development, Comrade Agugu Ehis, with the hope of
finding his Relatives.

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