Vacation Is Almost Over; Did You Miss School?

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Vacation is Almost Over; Did You Miss School?

It has been an eventful holidays for some while for others, they just wish school had opened already because they are tired hanging on and about in their homes. It has been quite a long one a d the vacation has got some students addicted to some things they would rather hate to miss when they finally return to CampusThe students who are tired are those who miss school fun because they would not be permitted by their parents to do those things which they did in school and this has made the holidays very boring for them.

l was having a chat with one of my friends and she told me she wanted to return to school and is tired of waking, eating and sleeping again kind of life since her parents wouldn't allow her go out to work. She said she misses school life and is tired of home already.

So many other students travelled even during the Sallah festivities and enjoyed themselves. Some will miss the comfort of their homes, their siblings and quality food they have been eating while they are home. Philip said that he will miss his daily allowance from his dad and have been able to save enough to rock school with when it resumes.

The holidays have been fun and for some, it better be gone soon and let the school fun take over. Whichever way, something must be missed. For you, what will it be?

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