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Michael Okpara University, Mouau Latest Admission News

Aug 10, 2017   |   1 Comment

Michael Okpara University, MOUAU Latest Admission News 2017/2018

Hey, prospective candidates of Michael Okpara University are you you in high spirit to gain admission? Are you highly motivated to get into the four walls of the universit ...

Logicman, Nigerian Comedian - A Must To Watch Out For

Aug 31, 2016   |   23 Comments

There is one awesome guy, popularly recognized as Logicman that I want to show you guys today. He is one funny Nigerian comedian you need to get to meet. I took a little interview of him so I can show you what stuff  this guy is made of. So join ...

Face Of Campus Season Iii Stage 2 Ends

Aug 28, 2016   |   35 Comments

More than anyone else right now the Face of Campus Season III contestants are most anticipating the outcome of the stage two of the photogenic contest that ended mid night Friday.
After a dragged full week between 52 contestants who survived into ...