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About: I am of a cool personality, passionate about writing and making sure I impact the lives of people around me, positively.

Personal Quote: If the beautiful ones aren't yet born, then, aren't you all ugly?

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Lying To Your Parents About School Expenditure, Guilty Or Not Guilty?

14 hours ago   |   18 Comments

Many students have sworn never to repent from one of their greatest malicious lies when in school which they tell to their parents when the issue of finances arise. We, as a nation are battling with the saga of "budget padding" in the country and ...

Lasu Expels 69 Students: Why Every Student Needs To Focus

14 hours ago   |   4 Comments

Just as we mourn O'Brien who was taken by the cold grip of death related to the hard man Cultism, the university system is championing the campaign for a campus-free system. Another issue that is hitting hard on the system is that of Examination Malp ...

School Holidays: She Missed Being In The Arms Of Her Boyfriend

14 hours ago   |   152 Comments

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: She Missed being In the Arms of Her Boyfriend

It was a very warm afternoon today unlike the very cold ones we had witnessed here in the Elephant City where Tuesday's rains almost made me lose direction and threw myself ...