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About: I am of a cool personality, passionate about writing and making sure I impact the lives of people around me, positively.

Personal Quote: If the beautiful ones aren't yet born, then, aren't you all ugly?

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Proposed Asup Strike Put On Hold

14 hours ago   |   3 Comments

Thoughts were raging wild and some were calm about the state of things as regards the proposed ASUP strike as some polytechnics went ahead to release their examination timetable for the second semester. The leadership of the Academic Staff Union ...

It's Mouau Final Year Water Baptism Galore Again!

14 hours ago   |   9 Comments

As it is the custom in many Nigerian universities where final year students are inundated with water bathe after their supposed last exams in the campus Mouau is once again back to that "water baptism" time of the year.

Excitement is in the ai ...

What Some Students Do On Hoilidays; What About You?

14 hours ago   |   20 Comments

What Some Students Do On Hoilidays; What About You?

It is obvious that the holidays are as long as many wanted it to be because for a new session, a lot is required by students to get it into motion and to an enjoyable start and possibl ...