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About: I am of a cool personality, passionate about writing and making sure I impact the lives of people around me, positively.

Personal Quote: If the beautiful ones aren't yet born, then, aren't you all ugly?

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Why Do Ladies Hate On Other Fashionable Ladies?

11 hours ago   |   9 Comments

I was so excited about worshipping with the congregation of saints here in Aba after l have missed many Church Services since l had been out of the city and out of excitement with heart as ladened with joy for the brethren l will be reuniting with an ...

Ladies Is Your Fashion Madness Grooming You Into Laziness?

11 hours ago   |   2 Comments

In a world where people remain relevant either by the things they do, wear or say, competition is inherent not minding if it is a healthy or an unhealthy one. I saw this kind of a not too healthy competition, though l wouldn't allow myself to adju ...

How Has Cooked Beans Saved Your Life As A Student?

12 hours ago   |   62 Comments

It is a life saver. All the way through the days in the boarding houses, it ranked number one on our tables in the refectory and we enjoyed it without an option. So many people see it as an enemy when it comes to food yet l know a lot who has mad ...