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About: I am of a cool personality, passionate about writing and making sure I impact the lives of people around me, positively.

Personal Quote: If the beautiful ones aren't yet born, then, aren't you all ugly?

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Does Your Cgpa Break Your Heart?

Sep 19, 2017   |   22 Comments

Does Your CGPA Break Your Heart?

And the rains were angrily pouring down, the roads are so bad yet people went about their businesses without much attention to it. There l was with my umbrella trying to get to the junction where l c ...

Na Students Get Money Pass - Is It True?

Sep 7, 2017   |   29 Comments

Na Students Get Money Pass - Is It True?

Many at times, students have been grouped among the highly rich individuals because of their status as students even when some of them are the ones personally taking care of themselves. But again ...

Unn Aspirant Needs My Help To Dupe His Father

Sep 21, 2016   |   8 Comments

There l was yes yesterday going through my phone late in the night having had a day worse as that of a disappointed expectation when l heard a ping come through my phone. lt was one of my female friends, Ifeoma who just texted to chat me up on an iss ...