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About: I am of a cool personality, passionate about writing and making sure I impact the lives of people around me, positively.

Personal Quote: If the beautiful ones aren't yet born, then, aren't you all ugly?

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School Holidays: She Missed Being In The Arms Of Her Boyfriend

Oct 2, 2018   |   152 Comments

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: She Missed being In the Arms of Her Boyfriend

It was a very warm afternoon today unlike the very cold ones we had witnessed here in the Elephant City where Tuesday's rains almost made me lose direction and threw myself ...

He Wants My Virginity As A Prove Of My Love For Him

Aug 15, 2018   |   46 Comments

A female student of the Abia State University, Uturu has been hit by a rolling ball of disaster, confusion and tears. She needs candid advise from you and I on how we can help her out of this dilemma she has found herself in. Love they often say i ...

Abia Poly First Class Student Murders Grammar

Jul 10, 2018   |   20 Comments

But why do ladies that form the most, flaw the most?

So it was on this day, the social day of the Business And Management Students of the Abia State Polytechnic, Aba and l was duly invited to come and feed my eyes by my friend since l ...