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Arrow Of Love

7 hours ago   |   3 Comments

Arrow of Love
Heavily it drops
Joule of compassion to the receiver.
The arrows struck.
Rowing like a paddle,
And gleams like gold.

The tears drops like diamonds,
As it flows through the valley of ravishment,
As the ...

A Campus Day Without My Voice

7 hours ago   |   3 Comments

I wake up this morning as sun glitters my eyes I blink and look up at the clock which says its 7.00am. Gosh! I tapped my roomy, Hey wake up it 7:00am we are going to get late for the 8:00 lecture. Surprisedly what came out of my throat wa ...

Unilorin Students And Their Special Christmas Plans

7 hours ago   |   1 Comment

I asked some friends when are you traveling for Christmas? some will say by 24 or 26. Oooh why!!! They replied laughing babe, I have my own plans. what are those plans of yours? some says well, am going on the 24th, because I want my parents to miss ...