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How My Course Rep Gave A Fellow Student A Thunderous Slap Today

Feb 22, 2018   |   23 Comments

How My Course Rep Gave a Fellow Student a Thunderous Slap Today

Well this incident happened today in class. Well after the first lecture which is supposed to be by 8am, lecture ends, lecturer gives attendance, and another lecturer walks ...

Help! Should I Date A Course Mate While In School?

Feb 17, 2017   |   9 Comments

HELP! Should I Date a Course Mate While in School?

He watched her from where he sat, She was discussing with one of their course mates and laughing heartily, he silently wondered what was making her laugh that hard. Jealousy took jabs ...

Sad Valentine: Her First Heartbreak In Campus

Feb 14, 2017   |   13 Comments

Sad Valentine: Her First Heartbreak in Campus

IJ and Tochukwu happened to be freshers in Nnmadi Azikiwe University. They both met during this years UNIZIK admission clearance, He had borrowed her pen, IJ on looking at his form foun ...