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Campus Sexual Harassment: The Nightmare Of Female Students - Story Of Jane

Jun 18, 2018   |   14 Comments

Campus Sexual Harassment, The Nightmare of Female Students -The Story of Jane

She woke up startled, she had been dreaming of him, the Lecturer who had told him that he wont graduate, he sat up on the bed depressed and tired, tired of ev ...

How A Unizik Student Proposed To His Girl Friend In The Bus

Apr 16, 2018   |   25 Comments

How a UNIZIK Student Proposed to His Girl Friend in the Bus

Kosi and Chime were what you would call the craziest pair of friends, they had grown from being acquaintances to being really close and could act out all they want, ...

No One Gets A In His Course Except God - The Trials Of Nigerian Students

Apr 9, 2018   |   30 Comments

No One Gets A In His Course Except God - The Trials of Nigerian Students

    As much this is a soliloquy expression of my personal journey through Nnamdi Azikiwe University, UNIZIK it pretty much summaries the     ...