Igwilo Oluchi

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About: I'm a unizik aspirant, love fashion,singing,dancing,eating.,watching movies,and chatting

Personal Quote: Happiness is lyk a perfume

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Jul 18, 2016
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Sep 7, 2016

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Jokes: It's Time To Laugh

1 day ago   |   10 Comments

Okay guys... Hows your week going? Let's laugh a bit Read below.... ===== That moment when u call someone who owes u money and she doesn't take ur calls,u call 10 times and still no answer.. Thn u decide to send a message. (Hi lady, m not ca ...

What Fashion Truly Is - By Gloria

2 days ago   |   7 Comments

Sometimes in life girls see fashion as an everyday activity ;) .men believed that without fashion girls would be too local and archaic, but the truth is that with or without fashion a girl will always be pretty because the beauty is inside us girls b ...