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About: An actor and a social being. Wanna know more, just ask me. Cheers!!!

Personal Quote: What limits you is not what you don't have, rather what you have and can't use.

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5 Ways To Increase Your Intelligence As A Student - By Logicman

6 hours ago   |   20 Comments

There are a number of normal activities that we participate in day by day that could hamper or improve our intelligence. This activities more or less effects our minds and improve or dull our sensibilities. Our remain's the greatest treasure that kee ...

17 Excuses That Can Kill Your Future Dreams

18 hours ago   |   23 Comments

While many people dream of becoming better people than they were in the previous years, only a few actually do achieve the feat. Many others allow so many factors make them derail from pursuing their dreams and this is not also limited to students as ...