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About: Oluwatoyin, student of Obafemi Awolowo University. I love writing, meeting people, culture, arts, languages. Although, I am a science scholar (doesn't matter). I love science too. Keep voting. Thanks! :-)

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What You Need To Know Before Wearing Heel Shoes

8 hours ago   |   15 Comments

Whether you are on campus lady or not a lot of us ladies love high heels so much (myself included). But how high should those heels be before we start running to the hospital, this time, with no shoes on. From what I know, these shoes weren't desi ...

Oau Freshers Go Crazy In Fashion

1 day ago   |   12 Comments

I understand that fresh students in OAU just resumed and are just knowing their wy around campus (literally and fashion-wise). While some of them have been looking really good (like..really, really good), others have been argh! I was walking to clas ...