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A Unilag Student Imprisoned For Mocking Lecturer On Facebook

6 hours ago   |   1 Comment

The news of the Unilag student who has been arrested and detained by the police for posting a caricature picture of a lecturer in the university seems not to be going down any soon. Dolapo Olusesi, is a 300 Law student of the University of Lago ...

Unijos Vice Chancellor, Maimako Escapes Death From Gunmen Attack

6 hours ago   |   0 Comments

Gunmen has reportedly attacked the residential home of University of Jos new Vice Chancellor on Wednesday morning. The new V.C Prof. Sebastian Maimako, is however said to have been absent from his residential abode as of the time of the attack becaus ...

Logicman, Nigerian Comedian - A Must To Watch Out For

6 hours ago   |   23 Comments

There is one awesome guy, popularly recognized as Logicman that I want to show you guys today. He is one funny Nigerian comedian you need to get to meet. I took a little interview of him so I can show you what stuff  this guy is made of. So join ...