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Aug 29, 2016
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Campus Bidding: Step By Step Process On How To Bid And Win

2 days ago   |   8 Comments

Win a Laptop for only 30 Naira. Are you surprised? 

Yes, on Campus Bidding you can bid and win phones, phone tablets and laptops for N30 or less. That's super cool, right?!

I'm going to teach step by step process on ho ...

Previous Winners On Campus Punch

2 days ago   |   6 Comments

Previous Winners on Campus Punch
Campus Punch has as one of its core aim to donate free items to students in Nigeria.
Our vision in the near future is that with the support of more organizations we would be giving out these free items e ...

How To Buy/sell Coins On Campuspunch

3 days ago   |   10 Comments

How to Buy/Sell Coins on CampusPunch
I'm sure you would be reeling with smiles from one corner of your mouth to the next if you have been a old member of the CampusPunch community and to see that finally it is possible to convert the coins ...