Unn Vice-Chancellor’S Best Blogger Awards!

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The University of Nigeria, Nsukka UNN Vice-Chancellor's best blogger awards is here. In the passionate desire of the Vice-Chancellor of UNN, Professor Benjamin Chukwuma Ozumba to make every student a blogger he has set the UNN Vice-Chancellor's Best Blogger Awards.

The administration has recently ordered that every student have a blog compulsorily or else forfeit updating their student webometrics. That really cam as a shock to  the many students. After all not every can be a blogger or would love to be one. Blogging is supposed to be for those who have passion for it, many students protested.
There could a lot of arguments on the matter but the material truth right now is that someone or some UNN students and staffs would make some cool cash and rewards from blogging as the V.C now institutes the Best Blogger Awards.

The Vice-Chancellor has instituted “Best Blogger Awards” for deserving members of staff and students who excel in blogging. Deans of Faculty, Directors of Institute, Heads of Department and Units are requested to encourage their staff and students to participate in this exercise. Categories
Student with 500 Blogs – Cash Prize Most Informative Blog – Cash Prize Most Innovation-driven Blog – Cash Prize Most Updated Blog – Cash Prize Most Vibrant Female Blogger – Cash Prize Most Motivational Class (Light Refreshment)

Departmental Rep award, with more than 2,000 Blogs in the Department – Cash Prize Faculty Rep award, with more than 3,000 Blogs in the Faculty – Cash Prize Best Faculty Dean (Faculty with highest number of blogs) – Cash Prize

Paid sites
All Paid sites will attract extra awards (both staff and students)

Extra information
Best Blogs will be specially advertised on the University website. In addition to cash, there is certificate for all awards.

Deadline is 9th June, 2017 for Nsukka Campus Deadline is 14th June, 2017 for Enugu and Itiku Campuses

Signed: Rev. Dr. Ezichi A. Ituma Officer-in-Charge

Reference Source: http://www.unn.edu.ng/vice-chancellors-best-blogger-awards/

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nice instituted. making cool money on blogger
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