Unn Aspirant Needs My Help To Dupe His Father

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There l was yes yesterday going through my phone late in the night having had a day worse as that of a disappointed expectation when l heard a ping come through my phone. lt was one of my female friends, Ifeoma who just texted to chat me up on an issue. l had to follow the conversation.

One of her family friends whom she advised to apply for admission in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka wants her to help her cook up stories so as to get more money than required from her dad as she has been granted admission to study Banking and Finance. Her friend told this my friend that she needed her to tell her dad that the total sum she would be needing to settle in fully into school will amount to #315,000 and try draft a breakdown of items to cover this amount.

This my friend is trusted by the family of this her friend and is also a student of the University of Nigeria which implies that the parents of her friends are mandated to believe anything she tels them since she also was the one who motivated her to apply to University of Nigeria.

My friend is in a state of confusion and according to her, she said the girl wanted to use part of the money to buy more clothes and a bigger phone so she could show off on campus. My friend doesn't know what to do or how to really handle this situation and she has asked me to contribute the little l can and tell her what to do.

I bring this same issue to the house and ask, what do you think this my friend should do. Help out her friend dupe the father or reject the plead from her family friend?

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