Unizik Finally Elects An Sug President After 3 Years Ban

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It was like the long awaited arrival of an overdue baby, The atmosphere in the School before the elections was a bit expectant.
Since 2014 the Students Union Government Elections was suspended and the incumbent Excos carried on for a 2 year term.
Finally on the 30th of January , elections were conducted for the post of SUG president and the departmental Student Representative Council members.
Other posts were not contested for because they ran unopposed.

The race between Chime Ransome and Nwambu Nwabueze was keenly contested but on a largely free and fair manner with Nwambu emerging the winner with more than 2000 votes as against Ransome's 1500 votes.

With Nwambu declared winner, the swearing in was conducted on the 3rd of February at the SUG Giant House bringing Unizik students back again into the era of having a voice.

I would say the School Authorities were Skeptical about lifting the ban because of the difficulty they encountered in the hands of the Last SUG president who literally took it upon himself to question all school polices that he felt were not beneficial to Students.
This earned him a Suspension from office and from School and the ban on all elections and the Rest.

But what can democracy be without public opinion, especially in a School like this.
So once more, the Stalemate has been straightened.
We now have a voice but I think its quite a low one at that.
Tommorow will tell how strong and representative the administration will be.
We pray it doesn't become a puppet of the school authority, but a Strong voice for the welfare of Students.
Till then, fingers are crossed.

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