Unilorin Web Portal Recently Hacked

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UNILORIN PORTAL HAS BEEN HACKEDUnilorin official website "www.unilorin.edu.ng" has just been hacked by one COY EMERALD on facebook..He claimed his reason for hacking the website was plain and he was not planning any evil against the school.On the website, he wrote his reasons for hacking the portal, Read his statement below:"DEVELOPER OF THIS WEBSITE SHOULD CONTACT ME.....WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/TO.SAN.39 (I DEFACED THIS PAGE IN ORDER TO PREVENT LOSS OF DATA IN YOUR WEBSITE) MALICIOUS ATTACKERS IS HERE....AND I HAVE BBEN WARNING YOO VIA EMAIL ND OTHER MEANS,HACKING IS AN ILLEGAL BUT THE ADMIN HEREIS A BIT CARELESS TOO,SORRY ADMIN"Breaking News:UNILORIN Web Portal Has Been HackedHACKED BY COY EMERALDAfter some hour of the website being down he released another statement below:"I DON TAMPER ANY OF YOUR DATA!!! I DON'T HACK FOR FUN I DONT HACK FOR MONEY I DONT HACK TO WIN SCHOLARSHIP (BCUS I'M NOT A STUDENT) I ONLY HACK TO SHOW PROOF OF THE NOTIFICATION I SENT TO WEBSITE DEVELOPER!! CONTACT: WWW.FACEBOOK.TO.SAN.39"Breaking News:UNILORIN Web Portal Has Been HackedUNIOLRIN HACKEDWith all his statement it is obvious and intention clear that he meant no harm rather he hacked UNILORIN PORTAL to show the portal developer whom he has notify about the mistake he made on the portal before hand to rectify the mistake inwhich the developer turned deaf ear at.Well this night,I opened the web page again to see that he has actually released back to the developer.But the site is on maintenance.

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