Unilorin Student Hostel Thief Goes Corporate

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Unilorin Student Hostel Thief Goes Corporate

It has happened again ohh. Ask me what?
Okay. I was coming out to of my room yesterday afternoon when I saw a guy came out of my friends room. Since she has a room mate I couldn't question the guy who he wanted to see. He wore a blue Ankara dress with white stripes, using a silver chain around his neck. He look cooperate in his dress anyway so I couldn't think ill of him.
We just greeted each other as i was going outside to pack my washed plates as he also went out of the building to only God knows where.

Like five minutes after the greetings, my friend came to my room. " babes did you take my phone?" Ahahn phone key? How come? Noo oh. Go and check well. Then she said she plugged it before going to the bathroom and just to come back and not see it again together with her power bank.

Oh! I exclaimed. I saw a guy came out of your room just of recent. I actually thought its one more of your friends or probably your roommate's boyfriend. We greeted each other but you know I can't be asking him who he's requesting for. Oh God! How come? After so much description on the way the guy look like, she remembered the same guy knocked her door asking of the landlord and she immediately directed him to the next room, and she went to the bathroom thereafter. Living her door closed but not locked.

He went to the landlord's room but was told by his wife that he's not around. Hearing that he left a number which we tried after the whole issue and was switched off. To my own presumption, he saw her phone on the floor when he first asked her for the landlords room and came back to take it immediately he discovered she had gone to the bathroom after been discharged from the landlord's room.

He was coming out of the room when I saw him but I didn't suspect anything. Because I thought my friend or her roommate was inside. Not knowing they both went to take their bath. Gush!!!
Just like that? Her phone is gone with her power bank. That's serious. From the description of what I saw, the guy is dark, 5.9 of height, not fat not thin. Just averagely okay in size, well dressed. Guess that is a cooperate THIEF.

Now even if we are going to brush our teeth outside, we must go with our door locked. Funny though but we've gat no option.

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