Unilorin Raises Dress Code Alarm Once Again!

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Dress code!!!!! Just as I got to okeodo bus stop, my phone rang, my girl friend did not bother greeting me, she said, "dress code"!!! Don't wear trouser at all. We seem to forget these group of officials responsible to make us dress decently always. Its not just a fancy name!! Uhmmm anyway my friend quickly ended the call not minding whether I reply or not as long as she believed the message has succinctly been passed across to me. What I was wearing was decent enough, so I went to school. As soon as I got to the faculty of law!! I saw a group of students begging a female dress code officer atlast!!! Althought within myself, they have found some scape goats.
Unfortunately, when I look closer I saw few other scape goats, I felt sorry for this students because what they are wearing were alright a pair of shirt with long trouser, the shirt was perfectly covering their buttock so I guess but could not understand why they were the scape goats.
Although they were set free at the last moment after so much trouble I later realise what the officer was passing across a message to all students who find pleasure in dressing indecently by using this few students as bait it seem harsh to me but the message is clear enough always dress decently so as to avoid embarrassment and other punishment.
Hmm, its Thursday hope you are going for lectures or are you battling with the harmattan don't tell me you re still on bed.

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