Unilorin Campus Babes & Guys Lose Their Swag Due To Fuel Scarcity

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On a normal ground, if you tell a Unilorin student to trekk from "ajanaku" to "UMCA chapel" they'll be forming one kind big boys and big girls. Funny though, I think their five senses told them the right thing to do today.

I boarded a cab at exactly 7 o'clock at tipper garage and I must confess we have not got to "oke odo" at as 8 o'clock. WHY? You need to see the queue for fuel. I haven't seen one like that before ever since I got to Ilorin. Queue from ajanaku to okeodo. That's pathetic.

You should see how students started trekking and jogging. I even saw two guys running to beg a private car in front of bekandims for a lift. Did you just say that's serious? Yes it is oh dear the survival of the fittest. Imagine two ladies just requested for cold water along the road. You no what? They turned back at the seller saying its not really cold ohh. Guessed they needed a very cold water to quench there sophisticated thirst despites the sun isn't too scotching oh.

The most annoying part of the gist is taxi turning back at okeodo to take students to school. Heard someone said to his friend around "mark" " you'll get old on that same spot, because no cab is coming to pick you guys." If I had known, I would have just stayed back at home because I sure say my GSE lecturer no fit get fuel.

You know what the taxi driver said? "If God grant me journey mercy back to town, I'm not coming back to PS today" the queue "is"too much. You need not ask me why I didn't use " was" because there was not change as at when I was coming back from school by 11.
Guess what? The lecturer came oh. Chai! this lecturer "kala oh" he was even there very early. And I also met lot of students only God knows when they've been on the road looking for taxi.
I hope something could be done to the situation atlast. Indeed this is unilorin the better by stress university.

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your bra??? uhmm
Nov 13, 2015   |   (5)   (1)   | Reply

Ur story brought me down crashing with laughter am even pulling my bra off. Lol!...
Nov 13, 2015   |   (5)   (1)   | Reply

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