Unical Bursar Suspended Over Alleged Fraud, Forgery

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The University of Calabar authority on Monday suspended
the bursar, Mr. Peter Agi, over allegations of fraud,
forgery and threat to life.
It would be recalled that academic and administrative
activities in UNICAL were interrupted for a few hours
last week, following a protest by different groups comprising
students and workers in support of the Vice-Chancellor, Prof.
Zana Akpagu, on the one hand and the bursar, on the other.
Following the development, an inquiry was immediately set
up by the management of the institution to look into issues
that led to the protest.
In a letter of suspension signed by the Registrar, Mr. Moses
Abang, the management of the institution alleged that the
bursar had been found guilty of impersonating the vice-
chancellor on the e-payment platform of the Central Bank of
Nigeria, among others.
But, in a swift reaction, Agi said he was not aware of his
suspension, adding that he was currently on sick leave with
the knowledge of the management of the institution.
However, the letter of suspension read in part, “In an
emergency meeting held today, August 22, 2016, the
management considered recent developments on campus,
especially your arrest by the Nigeria Police vide letter no.
AB:3621/CRS/DFA/VOL.T/123 of August 17, 2016, on
allegations of fraud, forgery and threat to life. It has become
imperative that you step aside as Bursar and clear yourself of
these allegations.
“Furthermore, management observed that you have been
impersonating the vice-chancellor on the CBN e-payment
platform by making final approvals and payments, a duty that
is the responsibility of the vice-chancellor, who is the Chief
Accounting Officer of the university.
“Again, you absented yourself from office without requesting
any of your deputies to act for you, thus creating a vacuum in
the administration of the Bursary.
“You deliberately refused to purchase an official car for the
deputy vice-chancellor (administration) eight months after he
was appointed into office. You have ignored several council
and management directives on this.
“You bluntly refused to pay TETFUND contractors who have
successfully executed jobs and rendered services to the
university, even when such contractors have been cleared for
payments. The consequence of this is that while other
universities are already making progress and accessing the
2015 allocation, the University of Calabar cannot exhaust the
2013 allocation to qualify for the next tranche.”
The letter noted that the actions of the suspended bursar
clearly manifested an orchestrated and a deliberate design to
bring the institution to ridicule.
The letter therefore directed Agi to hand over immediately to
Mrs. Atim Mensah, who is the most senior deputy bursar,
while Mr. Joseph Odum should take over the previous duties
covered by Mensah.
But Agi said, “I am not aware of any suspension. I have not
been queried. I am aware of the guideline and rules on
procedures in the appointment, suspension or otherwise of
any principal officer of the university. I am currently on sick
break and I wrote a letter to that effect copying all principal
officers. So, for anybody to announce my suspension without
the set rules amounts to nothing. I am still the bursar.”

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