Uniabuja Sug President Suspended For N4 Million Corruption Charges

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Chris Ifeanyi, the SUG president of Uniabuja  who is allegedly facing corruption charges of 4 million naira has been suspended from his position by the SUG parliament until further notice. The news was released by a really courageous SUG parliament who brought him to trial and suspended the SUG President of his presidential powers.

Chris Ifeanyi is facing corruption charges for embezzlement and misappropriation of student funds. He is said to have bribed his way by paying the previous administration to become the SUG president. He has been accused of looting the treasury for his personal affairs which has brought grievance and complaint from his allies, SUG members and students.

The tip of the iceberg was reached when he was given about a million naira for an official duty in Lagos, which he forfeited, pretended to be on the assignment while enjoying himself and frivolously lavishing the money in Abuja while lodged in a hotel. A fellow comrade who wishes to remain anonymous said he saw him on his shorts and singlet entering the hotel from shopping at a neighboring store.

Chris continues to deny the allegations and against him. He has also been cajoling the support of other prominent members of the school to support him in his fight. In the meanwhile he gradually losing respect among his peers and students in Uniabuja.

A lot of students are very happy for the bold action taken by the SUG parliament and are strongly following the news.

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