Top 10 Things You'll Likely Forget When Packing For School

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Well, besides your brain here's the top Ten things you're liable to leave behind at home because you were careless or it just slipped your notice ,or you got too comfortable about it.

10- Pens and pencils
They aren't that important, are they? And you could get 20 more for very little. That exactly is why you're likely to forget them, not just when packing for school, anytime and anywhere. So small and thin, so weightless. But you never know how important they are until you need them immediately, you'll wish you didn't overlook them that much.

9- Chargers
I'm gonna sing this in the tune of this old blues song called "Spoonful"

Could be a charger of laptops
Could be a charge of phones
You just gotta drop a charger home
And later you'll sing the wrong tones
Then you cries for it (Pam param pam)
Your phone dies for it (Pam pam param)
When you get to your destination
Everyone is crying for a chaaargeerrr!!

Ye get the general idea.

8- Extra SIM card
Now, if you have an extra SIM card that stays mostly outside of your phone, it's gonna get to stay outside it permanently soon enough, cos it's gonna slip off somewhere. Chances are its going to happen when you're packing the big stuff.

7- Underwear
Singlets, pants, Tampons, G-Strings or whatever... Are likely to get lost in the luggage. Very likely. Especially if you have more than 3 of each.

6-Shoe polish
Guys, keep 'em close, if you don't want to spend extra to replace them. You wanna look good and shiny, Shoe polishes are vital. But as they're not terminal to my existence, I've never, ever, remembered to bring them along. Stupidie polishes! Girls don't like me anyway.

5- Receipts
If you're departing home for an educational institution you probably have a lot of documentation to handle. It's so freakin' hard to get everything! Sometimes you just find peace in thinking you've packed the most important ones. Receipts of properties are usually several, and you're likely to drop one. Top 5 stuff.

4- footwear
For guys, its always difficult to forget your best pairs...probably bathroom slippers or easywear AKA palm slippers get the wrong side of the memory more. The sneakers and shoes always get to go cos we normally don't have too many. Ladies though...if you've never forgotten an "important" pair of footwear, raise up your're liars!
Keep the good ones packed.

3- Toothbrush
Because people generally don't take mouth hygiene seriously? Nah... Not exactly. If you're looking in the top charts of things most easily forgotten, they're largely everyday things ; things you always use. They don't seem as important as your brand new shirts and fancy wristwatches, so you pick them first, or you pick them last, or you don't pick them. Watch out for that particular detail.

2- Spongecase

I don't know why, but there's always a good chance what's missing in your pack is your sponge and or sponge case. Maybe it's because many of us only take baths for show. We wouldn't die without it would we? No.

Here's Number One, you're ready?

1- What you thought wasn't important
Ever started out for campus, and the very moment you step out for the last time for a while you just have this feeling in your gut that you left something behind? Well, this may be due to the sense that we're moving our world outside of its original place and we can't take everything. There's always something you leave behind because it doesn't seem important, for the moment. You're wrong. After you've settled in your room or hostel bedspace, there will come a time for wishing.

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