Thievery At First Bank Unilorin Branch. Could It Be A Student?

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Thievery at the first bank unilorin.
I was inside the branch of first bank in unilorin, I was lodging a complaints on my account closure when this guy entered and ranting, " what is the meaning of this? I kept my bag outside there, thinking its safe since I have the key here only to get there and saw someone else's bag there".

Dunno what has happened but with the explanation he made. Him being Mr A kept his bag outside thinking its safe since he got the key with him. He entered the bank, filled whatever he came for, got back down stairs only to find another person's bag there. Mrs B " actually I met the place opened when I got there and I kept my bag there and locked it with the padlock I met there."

Meaning someone else Mr C came, opened with anther key,took Mr A's properties and left the place. Tor!
Now what could be done? The attendant just said " okay dear, I'm very sorry for the inconveniency, could you please just check back so we could check the CCTV for who might gave done that. I'm sure it's one of you students".

Mr A now saying. " did you just say come back? When everything I will use for lecture is there, my ATM card with which I'm paying my tuition fee is there, my tablets and my hand phones are there and some other vital stuffs. Im sorry I can't come back I'll rather sit here with you to quickly check."

The attendant again said. " guy calm down you already read a warning which says " items kept at owners risk " so why don't you calm down so we could check for you. And mind you, you had better go and get a form to block the ATM before the person who stole your bag could gain access to it".

Mr A again said " gush! Okay
It was funny though. Good morning and have a nice day.

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