The Guy That Marries You Would Be So Lucky

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The Guy That Marries You Would Be So Lucky

It's absolutely insane how students tend to get them selves married while in campus in the name of dating or relationships which I actually don't see any reason why students should be keeping those kind of relationships.

I know of this girl who actually live off campus with her boyfriend. She would attend to this guy as if he has paid for her bride price. She fulfils the role of a wife to him, washing his cloths, maintaining their room, cooking and giving him steady juice in the oza room (you know what I mean now...haha). 

She did all that in the hope that she'll be getting married to him in the future. What happens next will shock you.

On one good day like that while she was serving the guy food the boy exclaimed, "the guy that marries would be so lucky to have you!" My dear see serious gbese o! After all she has done.

 To worsen the situation further the girl was already pregnant for the guy. Where would she start to handle this precarious situation? She had to drop out of school to raise the child and her academic career was brought to a halt and destroyed. Can you imagine all that in the name of meaningless love relationship in campus. As I write, up till now the lady in question hasn't heard a thing from this guy.

 In my humble opinion, these kind of relationships aren't called for, you have your whole life ahead of you to start facing depression instead of edcation. EDUCATION PAYS!!!!

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