The Face In Mask

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The face in mask
A man embark on a journey
in the twinkle of an eye.

Wrinkle the touch
blindly he follow the loose road
full of ruins yet he never lose its path
bruised he was in the alley.

Yet he survived with astonishing
miracles he struggled over struggles
yet he listed no complains.

he gradually continue yet stumble
upon many thorns he leaps
the heaps
close to stray.
with tribulation he never give up
it trace close to getting lost
he found his way like this man
we tossed into d learning of knowledge.

we are regarded with high prestige, trimmed
with high primage, not to destroy our parents
image so we strive so we tumbled.
yet we rise and raise our heads
to smile

for everyone of us who is successful the ability of rising up
every time we fall makes us a winner.
what makes us a determiner is our focus of seeing
ahead of other in achieving our goals of excellency

our foresight is picking up every pieces,
others left on touch unknowly and our ability
not to be weak and what makes us stronger
to be greater is knowing
more than what others see.

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