The Campus That Never Sleeps - Life In Unizik

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Like the slow rising of the sun out if its chambers, the rays of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University sun awaken the sleeping ones.
Students of Unizik could be found early in the morning walking on the road, some coming back from night classes, others with kegs and buckets in an apparent mission to fetch water.
As the day rises, more students pour in on the road, with backpacks, bags or just holding notes, some in a haste, some quite relaxed, the pace of your feet determines how serious your lectures are or have started.

In front of the School gate is a flurry of activities, bikes and buses all with students as occupants struggle to find a parking space on the already overcrowded road, trying to maneuver between students on the go and shops and hawkers flanked by either side of the road.

The activities reduce towards noon, and pick up again around the afternoon or evening.
The cacophonous mixture of sounds is enough to shake your eardrums, from horns blaring up and down, to the DJ in front of the Ifite school gate who dishes out jams right from gospel, making an abrupt shift to Secular, stopping over at the traditionalist and any other sound that has rhythm, the ever known voice of Goko cleanser speaker that promises to cure even Sleep, not forgetting the network providers who would block your path in a bid to get you to buy Sim cards.

By evening, The air is filled with the ever known aroma of Suya which beckons on Zikites with its enticing fingers.
The popular fries sellers all take their position, At the school gate, you have sellers of assorted fruits which seem to remind you that Vitamins is a class of food and is quite useful for the body.

Dots of light seem to beautify the darkness inside the School Square popularly called Garuba Square which means that there are still serious students around.

Gradually the day dies down, and persons go to bed but still the land never goes to sleep.

This is life in Unizik.

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