That One Course That Gives You The Nightmare

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Often times we are always surrounded by challenges when we are in school and those challenges sometimes leave us feeling really bad and for some, they would want to devise means to face those challenges head-on and be ready for an improvement and victory.

There is always that one subject l hated in school and that was my nightmare whenever it came to the period of having the class. You could guess right what that subject was. Yes, mathematics.

I couldn't deal with it until late in my Secondary School days when l started devoting time to it and saw it as one of my best subjects. Only passion for something can develop into success on that thing. That was what l learnt.

We have our worst courses and our best courses and there is one course that when others are busy making contributions in class, you just sit and wonder if you are really in the same level with your course mates. There is also that special course that even when you close your eyes towards reality and your brain totally shut out from it, you still can say things reasonable about it and it really makes you feel like a genius.

I so love Philosophy and Logic. l could become a lawyer with it with how authoritative it makes me feel whenever l discuss it but for the worst, l am yet to find out.

Let us hear you, which course or subject makes you feel like a genius or gives you the nightmare?

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