Temitife Ripples With Smile As She Wins On Campus Bidding

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I think anything associated with Campus Punch brings ripples of joy and you should thank heavens anytime Campus Punch decides to visit you. The excited lady staged with her family in the picture have just won a gift from Campus Punch for bidding in Campus Punch Auction.

I think most of her smile could have come from the fact that she is utterly surprised to have won the gift in a seemingly unserious online auction which she must have regarded a little more as just an online game and getting her won gift was just a jamboree story.

She was wrong. After a few days delay in delivering her gift to her, finally on July 29, 2016 she got her 1 Carton Indomie Instant Chicken Noodles (70g x 40) that she won from Campus Bidding.
The lady who goes by the name Oluwasegun Nifemi is a student of Unilorin and she bears the Username Temitife on Campus Punch. She got her gift brought to her at a residential address in Ilorin, Kwara State.

She was really greatly for the gift and spared no time in spreading the message to have friends and family on social media praising Campus Punch.

Alright that's enough for Temitife, you too can be a winner too! How do you win? Earn more coins on the website by being active on the site as Campus Punch rewards registered users with coins when they carry out nearly any activity on the site such as posting, commenting, voting etc.
For now enjoy the most exciting Campus Bidding on Campus Punch Auction.

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