Taking The Flaws Out Of Your Campus Love Life

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Have you ever asked yourself why the last relationship wasn't a success? Was it your fault or the other way round? Ok, just take some time to scan through some of these useful points. So here we go.......
The first thing in a relationship to consider is the

Make the foundation a solid one. Think about what you want in a relationship before going into one. Get along well with each other, go to places together using that opportunity to know more about him or her. She might be your type and you can't tell.
What is that?? Oops! It's another thing that lead people astray. It pushes relationship to the edge of a cliff. Don't but blames on her rather make your statement plain, simple, calm and sincere. If you want a loving quality relationship, learn to give your partner the benefit of doubt and always assume the best rather than the worst. Chronic blaming is in form of emotional abuse, chronically being blamed for an act that you didn't actually commit is like taking a verbal beating.
Save you been busy like " hey baby I'm sorry I can't come again I have a meeting right away." "Oops! Honey I'm so sorry I can't make it tonight again I'll make it up with you." "Oh sorry dear I'm going out with friends you could just wait till am back." All these excuses only yield a negative result.
Are you the type? Do you always spy on him? Its a good thing to feel jealous about someone you love but it shouldn't get to it climax. Don't read his or her messages. Why should you even do that in first place? Not everyone you see with him or her has something serious to do with him so don't keep frowning at everyone its a bad habit. Let him know you are jealous don't make everyone know you are the type.
It always hurt you know when you see your most cherished giving much time and attention to someone else. Even in male-male or female-female ordinary relationship there is this thingy of jealousy or worry when your best friend begins to give more time to someone else. Just imagine that and consider how extra relationship affairs can be hard on your partner.
Respect is reciprocal. We give back to people the value we perceive they see in us. In Africa it is common for elder ones to always want younger ones to always respect them. I don't see anything wrong with a man showing respect to his girl with ma'am, lady or things like that. It is a sign of respect.
Mutual understanding is an important factor in a sustainable and lasting relationship. How do you create more understanding between you and your partner? Telling the truth always to your partner is the key factor in a cordial relationship. Always make it a habit to tell your partner what happened in your life and in your daily life. This i believe would go a long way to build and smoothen any relationship.
Well sex to some is compulsory or necessary in a relationship. My advice though to those who find it a must in a relationship is that they should cut down on the frequency. Why? Sex, no matter how we want to paint it is at the bottom line a act that fills our selfish cravings and too much of it expresses a sign of lack of self control that can bring misunderstanding or mistrust between couples. 
Think about it well and work over it. It will surely be of help. If you also have your own points you can also add them.

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