Taking The Bold Step To Modelling As A Youth

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Every student wants to be a model.
Either of bags, shoes, clothes, anything.
Just name it.
We all have one thing we love to make people envy us or look and keep looking at us. BT we have something's that make us reluctant or rather discouraged about our choice. Judging with my own experience.

I LOVE TO BE A MODEL. When you talk of passion, then it has to do with modelling and I. I'm the shy type and you know you can't be shy and still think of being a model for whichever thing you desire to be. Some might have interest in toothpaste model BT got a very bad set of teeth. Some might have a very bad walking steps. Some no money to buy dresses and shoes.

Money was never my problem and step wasn't. In fact my coach said he likes my legs the first day I went for grooming but one thing is still there that makes me thinks this is not where I belong. I won't tell you what oh even if you beg someone to make me tell you, I still won't. Going back to the matter on ground.

I didn't want to model for the money or something more beneficent. I just have passion for it and do the fun. You know the swinging of hands behind your waist and the balancing of head and the flexibility of the shoulders. Then going to the steps which goes after each other. Cat walking makes my head turn. I love it.

Coming to that of my shyness. I almost fall down during my first walk on the walkway like... All eyes on me. Oh! Em going to fall. But you know what? I didn't fall reason because I put every audience behind me. That's the point I think of the money em going to get for the job from me. I walk like my waist are more flexible like it were. And at the end I laugh at myself at what I made out of myself.

Mind you I make the best position for mannequin during grooming. And I wear my character immediately I get to the grooming zone. You can't see me on a normal day and think of me as a model. A normal person I am.
Now what am I saying? I love all eyes on me when em in mood and sure everyone do so why don't we take a step forward and try achieving our goals.

A pal once said" being hardworking, smart, creative, innovative, useful, and serious doesn't attest to only studying hard".
And I agree with him. Make something good out of yourself. Don't just sit down there and expect people to start looking at you because you want all eyes on you. Take a step forward forgetting your flaws.

Remember one door leads to another.
Good morning and have a nice day.
Love from Bukie malaika.

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