Take Charge Of Your Relationship

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Campus relationship is all too common. Guys and girls are always going in and out of relationship, falling in love today and separating the next day. Today I am going to tell you a story that can help to think wisely as you stay in and out of relationships in your campus love life.
Remember the story of the scorpion and the frog? One day a scorpion asked a frog to carry him across the river on his back because he couldn't swim. The frog replied, "But how do I know you won't sting me while we're crossing?" The scorpion replied, "if I do that, we'll both drown!" After thinking about it, the frog told him to hop on.
Half way across the river the scorpion stung him anyway. As they were drowning, the frog said to the scorpion, "But you promised you wouldn't why did you sting me?"The scorpion replied," I couldn't help it, its my nature to sting". Learn to recognize toxic relationships and walk away from them before they take you down with them. Become more discerning about the company you keep. Sever the ties that limit you! A toxic relationship is like a leg with gangrene. If you don't amputate it the infection will spread. Unless you have the courage to cut off what won't heal you will end up loosing more - much more! You can't partner successfully with someone who doesn't share your goals or your intensity. When you feel passionately about something, but the other person feels complacent, it's like trying to dance "The Macarena" with somebody who only wants Waltz. You picked the wrong dance partner! Some issues can be corrected through teaching and leadership, but you can't teach somebody to care! And if they don't care, they will affect your environment, ruin your rhythm with constant criticism and complaints. No, they have got to run on their own steam or they'll drain you..

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