Students, Why Is Sleeping During Sermon A Habit?

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Borne out of continuous occurrence and in relation to life on our campuses as obtainable even in the lecture rooms with hyper boring lectures, we still prefer to keep wake enjoying grumbling over those boring lectures and wish they will be done with and give us a break but on the other hand, prefer to take a deep dose when we are in church.

It is no news that people sleep in church but the most tiring and annoying part of it all is that they do it during one of the most, if not the most important time in the service- when the sermon is being served by the man of God.

I had the privilege to fellowship with the Chapel of Revelation Congregation of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike which still has some students on campus who were in attendance and during the praise and worship session, every where was vibrating as though the roofs will come down on us. The prayer session was wonderful and every other part of the service was awesome with huge participation and activeness but not until it got to one part.

During the sermon, many students collapsed into sleep and to be fair, it wasn't just students alone but some other members of the church and it left me with another thing to have a rethink about. I couldn't hold it to myself alone and had to engage some other students after service to find out why at that time of sermon, students fall asleep.

From my findings as made possible by the students, some said they only come to church to dance and enjoy the praise and worship, others said they don't just know why sleep comes maybe because that time is more quiet than every other time in church and it drives them to sleep. Yet another student said it has been a tool used by the devil to deprive people of what is due them.

The time for sermon is always a blessed time and missing out on it means a huge loss for that day yet l wonder why will students choose to sleep during Church activities and when they are in a very boring class, even if sleep comes, they will prefer to stay awake?

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