Students Who Is More Indecent In Dressing: Male Or Female?

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I was caught in a web of serious argument this morning between some students who were females and attacking some male students in one of the student residential areas in Aba. I was on my own when l was called to make my honest contributions and l avoided the topic like a plague since l know no comment of mine will be acceptable by the opposition.

The topic for discuss centred on indecent dressing among students in campuses and who, between both genders is really more guilty that the other because as a matter of fact, both genders are guilty.

The ladies pointed out the guys to be in the forefront of indecency in dressing while they follow but the guys totally disagreed. The ladies mentioned how guys sag and bare open their chests to reveal hairs on them, something the ladies said seduces them (that was my second time of hearing that male hairs are seductive to ladies). And the guys argued that the kind of skimpy and tight dresses that are all revealing are enough to make any sane person go insane.

Now, l want everyone here to help me out on this one, who does indecent dressing better in our campuses, even on the road as we have been witnessing, the guys or the ladies?

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