Students, How Does Your Eating Habits Affect You?

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Every day of our lives, we make decisions, some small and some big. Irrespective of the type of decisions we make, they all have an impact on our lives, in one way or the other. What to eat? What to wear? Where to go? How to get there? What to say? What to do at that moment? What to do for the rest of your life? Daily decisions, life long decisions? They all matter.

As students, it is understandable that food options are sometimes limited due to issues like financial constraints, time availability and even inconvenience while for others, the options are more varied, they have access to too much food.


Financial Constraints- Consistent access to adequate food is limited at times by lack of money. As a student, you are on a budget. A scale
of preference is in order and one just cannot afford varied choices. When a student has books, handouts to purchase, fees to pay, food sometimes automatically has to take the backseat. Everyone knows that the quest for
education is very expensive. It encompasses not only academic requirements. As a student, when a new session begins, we all know that it entails a lot. A new session consumes finances ranging from money for tuition, then books and supplies, even rent, transport and then, we have food.

Availability of Time - Every student knows how hectic life in the higher
institution can be. Classes lasting for hours on end, practicals, tutorials and
more. You may have just one class a day, yay! You are excited but then your
happiness is cut short, why? You realize your class is by 8am but you have to
get to the hall by 6am if you actually want to benefit even a stint of
information because trust me, sitting on the floor for a two to three hours
class, that class will be anything but enlightening. So, in between running to
classes, meeting up with friends to study, and night reading classes which is
termed ‘Awoko’ by some, the time to sit and prepare nutritious delicacies is
not really very ample.

Inconvenience - Cooking in school is very
different from cooking at home especially when you stay in a school hostel. The
inconvenience of available space to set your utensils, proximity to water
supply, electricity, I mean sometimes, you have to plan your cooking schedule
with the campus’ power plant schedule. Some days, you can depend on the state’s
power distribution company and other days, if you choose to wait for them, just
get yourself ready for Type 2 hunger contractions. Varied Food Options There is
simply access to various food types. Many choices to pick from are right there
at one’s fingertips. For some people, this is good and while for others, it is
simply disastrous.

Lack of resources affects a student greatly. Eating often is not a luxury that can be afforded. Decisions have to be made
and mostly, varied choices is not option. One has to make do with what one has.
Having no time affects a student because mostly, such a student would rather
just eat whatever is fast to prepare or obtain which greatly includes junk,
snacks and unhealthy foods.
Inconvenience experienced by a student can also
discourage such a student’s cooking schedule. When a person has too much, some
tend to go overboard. Buying a lot like junk, snacks forgetting about
nutritional value.
Healthy Eating Habits Eating healthy should be an aim we
should strive to achieve. Without careful attention to one’s diet, the body cannot
attain its maximum potential. Now you may not feel sick but, your systems feel
An example is as follows; Due to one of the aforementioned reasons, you
follow a timetable of eating once a day. Now, there is nothing terribly wrong
in eating once a day, provided you eat something healthy and nutritious not
when you consume a sausage and a soft drink. You will simply be hurting your
systems. You see, your bodily functions are controlled by these systems. If you
choose not to take care of your body, you choose not to eat and read
consistently, your body is simply going to gleefully break down.

You need to better understand how the eating decisions you make affect you. Follow along with me in the Part II series of this article as I highlight in better details this important points.

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